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Hours of Operation << IMPORTANT!

Our support hours are strictly Monday – Friday, from 10am – 5pm Eastern, so you should never expect a response outside those times. Please plan accordingly and allow up to 1 business day for a reply (although we’re usually much faster).

We answer all tickets in the order received, so you should never expect an immediate response since there are likely tickets we received before yours. All tickets are date and time-stamped, so your place in line is guaranteed.

Finally, here's how "responding within 1 business day" works (since some people are so easily confused by this simple concept):

  • Example 1) You submit your request for help on Monday at 11am ET. You should expect a response before 11am ET on TUESDAY (the next business day).
  • Example 2) You submit your request on Friday night at 9pm ET. Since our offices are closed Saturday-Sunday, you should expect a response on MONDAY, the next business day.
  • Example 3) You submit your request for help anytime on Saturday or Sunday. The next business day is MONDAY, and that is when you should expect a response. 

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We look forward to serving you.