What Happens if I am Rude or Use Profanity? | Repeat Profits Knowledgebase

What Happens if I am Rude or Use Profanity?

When you open a Support Ticket:

You are expected to give as much detail as possible so we can help you as quickly as possible.  For example: "I can't login" is meaningless unless you tell us to which site. 

You are also expected to be polite if you expect to receive a response. This is NOT optional. We're nice people, and you should be too. I don't run a business to allow you or anyone else to abuse my team. This will not be tolerated. (Would YOU want to be helpful to an abusive person?)

Please understand that we're truly here to help you - not to be verbally (or textually) abused. Tickets perceived to be rude or abusive in any way will be deleted WITHOUT a response and your account will be cancelled solely at OUR discretion. We know many of you have been "wronged" by other people in the past but we are not those people -- please do not take your frustrations out on us.