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What Is One Page Money Makers?

If the idea of "Take an Hour. Make $300 Per Month. Repeat." appeals to you, then you'll love One Page Money Makers. 

One Page Money Makers (1PMM) is a system developed by Lee Collins in 2001, and to this day Lee never launches a website without going through this simple process. 

The idea is to go from researching an idea, to creating a simple one-page website in about an hour. Each of these sites is expected to make $1-10 per day, for about $30-300 per month. Some do even better.

There are 4 primary steps to the system:
Step 1) Find your WHO - your market, easily accessible, with money
• Step 2) Find your product - what do they already buy or want to buy
• Step 3) Build your simple, one-page website - bare basics, to gauge interest
• Step 4) Drive traffic - qualified traffic from various sources to test the market 

Lee created this system because he got tired of, and got tired of seeing others, take days, weeks, or months wasting time writing content and fully developing unprofitable web properties.

With Lee's process, including his "Idea Grading System" 1) you know which ideas are worthy of pursuing, and 2) the sites that don't perform simply are discarded and, because you have only an hour into the site, this makes it easier to walk away and build up another, more sucessful, site.