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Who is Lee Collins?

Since 1999, I have built 4 successful businesses while helping my students, clients and strategic partners create just north of $300 Million in product sales across a wide variety of 40+ markets – from online infopreneurs to lawyers to deck builders to tattoo shops to Fortune 500 companies and everything in between.

Because of those experiences, I believe I can walk in the door of any business and begin accelerating growth. In fact, I am passionate about helping business owners grow their companies faster leveraging my in-depth, time-tested and profit-certain “Repeat Profit Systems” approach.

Some people have called me their “secret weapon”. I simply consider myself a Probability Enhancer because, if we’re fortunate enough to work together, I can guarantee your odds of success will multiply significantly versus you trying to do it all alone.

Want to know more? Go to: Lee-Collins.com