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Will Lee Collins Promote My Product?

Joint Venture Requests (First Timers)

Joint ventures are a major component for any successful business, and we have worked with many beginners and top marketers alike since 2001.

If you want to propose a Joint Venture with us, you first need to send us a printed copy of your product for my team to review. This IS NOT optional.

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, here's what to do:

We require a minimum of 30 days notice for all Joint Venture Requests.

  • If your product is physical, just put it in the mail.

  • If your product is digital (eBook, etc.), print it out and put it in the mail.

  • If your product is a membership site, provide login information and expect a LONG wait. If you have a CORE product within the membership site and you want a faster response, print it out and put it in the mail.

Send JV Requests and Product Sample to:
Repeat Profit Systems
Attn: JV Request Team 
505 Philadelphia Lane
Woodstock, GA 30189 

Note: If we have JV'd with you before, contact us as you have in the past. The requirements above are for NEW JV proposals.

JV request package additionally should contain 1) copy of the sales letter, 2) conversion statistics, 3) description of the back-end follow-up process, 4) samples of email followup campaign. Anything not included will likely simply result in a rejection. Serious marketers will have this information readily available.

Repeat Profit Systems, RepeatProfits.com and/or Lee Collins are not responsible for the return of any unsolicited materials.